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Festive email templates

Festive email templates

Our design team are always working hard to come up with new, engaging and useful templates, be it functional, seasonal or special interest. Each template has been thoroughly tested for accessibility, responsiveness and dark mode support, so we have put in the hard work for you.

So, as we descend on the "most wonderful time of the year", our creative team have popped on their Santa hats, cracked open the mince pies and put together a series of seasonal templates to help make you Christmas that bit merrier (and give you more time) to get out a crack(er)ing Christmas campaign.

Seasonal templates set 1

Whether you are looking for a complete template, a bit of inspiration or an element that you can use in your own design, we have a selection in our library to help.

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

Seasonal templates set 2

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

Festive fonts

Some of our Christmas templates use cursive Google fonts. We have used Damion, Cookie and Rouge, each is linked to the appropriate place to download the fonts which you can then add to your custom fonts in Branding.

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However, we appreciate that you may only wish to use this font for a single design, so if you do not want to add new fonts to your branding or are happy with our wording choice, we have included images of the titles in the templates (which are set to be hidden on desktop) so you can simply delete the title block or image block when you go to send your design.

See something you like?

If you would like to use bits of the templates in your normal email design, you can save sections of these templates to your Modules library. Once in a module, you can add it easily to any email design.

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If you would like a fully bespoke design for this festive season or any other purpose, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

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