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We have a hierarchy of teams involved in the development, operations, and support of the product.  

These include:  

  • First line support (Customer Success team) - Provided by phones, email and built-in instant chat. The Customer Success team are on hand to offer help and resolve most queries. Tickets are logged and audited. Urgent technical issues are escalated.  

  • Technical support - Provided by email, in product chat and video calls / screen shares if required. Technical issues are investigated by the surgery team.  

  • Operations - Responsible for security, monitoring, patching and the general health of the platform.  

  • Development - Team responsible for building enhancements and fixes, as well as new features and changes based on customer feedback and the general modernising of the system.  

Our Customer Success team are here to ensure you have a great experience from day one. We aim to deliver a positive customer experience each time you contact a member of our team, with jargon-free professional service and intelligent, considered problem-solving assistance from our UK based teams. 

Adding value

As we learn more about your organisation and your objectives, you can expect lots of help and advice. Our team are all experts in digital marketing and continually seek to add value. We do not outsource for quality assurance and security reasons.

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The e-shot success team's responses are prompt and helpful

Contacting the team

Our Customer Success team will respond promptly via live chat, email and phone during standard support hours. Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 6.00pm (GMT).

  • Median first response time (Jul - Dec 2023) was 1m.

  • Median time to close (Jul - Dec 2023) was 1h 11m.

Out of office hours support is also available for critical issues by contacting our dedicated out of hours team.

Best Practice workshops and webinars

Our team are experts in digital communication and continually seek to add value. To support you ongoing, we provide best practice articles, workshops and webinars.

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Best Practice workshops and webinars
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Specialist Support

You can’t be an expert at everything – but when it comes to email marketing, we are. Our highly experienced team can help you implement best practice campaigns and templates and also work on more technical projects and integrations.

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Bespoke Training

If there are specific areas of e-shot that you wish to arrange training for, we can provide bespoke training. Topics commonly covered in bespoke training include; advanced automation, Integration and API configuration, building custom reports or managing preferences and forms.

Bespoke Training

Case study

The Agnew Group

Driving Excellence through actionable reporting and customer lifecycle

"The analysis and reporting tools are invaluable. They are so visual and so easy to use and the level of insight they provide is just fantastic. The contact lifecycle report showing an individual’s transaction history, is also really useful. Being able to drill down to an individual customer level and see how they interact with different types of campaign, right from our very first contact with them.”

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early market engagement

Early-market engagement

We welcome the opportunity to consult with public sector organisations who are looking to improve their digital communications. Our team can help and advise on a range of topics and are happy to provide advice on planned campaigns and procurement exercises.

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