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Employee engagement at scale

The challenge 

The heart and success of any organisation lies with its people. But with workforces more disparate as remote working becomes the norm, internal comms has a critical role to play keeping employees informed, engaged and motivated.

How e-shot can help 

Internal communications can have a positive impact on performance, retention, innovation, customer satisfaction and wellbeing – putting your organisation in the best possible position to achieve your strategy. 

Engage and inform your peers and analyse their engagement and interactions. Bring cohesion to the wider team and ensure that in challenging times they have the answers they need, when they need them. Use single question surveys for instant feedback, or automations for more sophisticated campaigns. 

Whether it is newsletters to hundreds/ or notifications to individuals, e-shot gives you the solution and support to deliver highly personalised and accessible messaging to your colleagues. 

Brand consistency

Maintaining a consistent brand image is vital for authorities and trusts. Whether it's routine internal communications, leadership messages, or crisis communications, a unified and recognizable brand helps build trust and credibility.

Internal comms mental health email example
Internal update email example

Internal governance at scale

e-shot can accommodate an unlimited number of users and activities without compromising performance. Role based access control ensures that users have appropriate access levels, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information. Templates ensure that quality and consistency is maintained.

Enhanced engagement

Ensuring communications are accessible in multiple languages, formats, and devices accommodates diverse workforces, and broadens engagement. Personalisation and engaging content, such as multimedia and interactive elements, helps capture employees' attention. Gathering feedback through surveys helps measure employee sentiment and identifies areas for improvement.

Contact analytics example
Campaign analytics example

Measuring engagement and impact (analytics)

Analytics provide insights into the effectiveness of internal communications. Regular analysis of engagement metrics allows internal communicators to refine their strategies, ensuring that communications remain relevant and impactful.

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Campaign scheduling and automation

Automation streamlines routine tasks, such as employee onboarding or disseminating key information, freeing up time for more strategic communication efforts. Scheduling ensures that communications are delivered at optimal times, maximising impact and minimizing disruption to workflow.

Automated campaign example in e-shot
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Moving data manually between your core business systems can lead to issues and inaccuracies. We offer different ways to automate and integrate depending on your needs.

Simple integrations requiring no coding can be set up in minutes. Custom integrations can also be tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house technical team can also provide bespoke integrations on a fully project-managed basis.

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Case study

The future of Essex direct communications

When we went out to market, we found e-shot provided great value for money compared to our current provider. Were really focused on improved functionality and future improvements and developments and they provided great training and support through blogs, articles and face-to-face conversations that really helped us during the onboarding and implementation process.

Louise Alabaster - Senior Content Advisor

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