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Automated series

Recurrent campaigns

Date driven campaigns

Email healthcheck

Analytics to drive decision

Track the efficacy of your campaigns in real time with granular analytics from our comprehensive dashboard.

With graphical reports, fully exportable data, automated email updates and personalised reports, you can easily analyse, share and act on the data.

Data-driven decisions

Understand how your audience engage with campaigns and websites using our comprehensive analytics suite.

Date driven decisions
Campaign analytics

Campaign analytics

A comprehensive presentation of main metrics along with benchmarked performance, interaction timeframes and device usage analysis.

Engagement analytics

Interactions with emails, SMS, forms and website pages can be tracked and reported on at contact or company level Campaign Report and the individual Activity Log of each contact.

Engagement analytics
Click overlay

Click overlay report

A visual representation of which links performed best where your recipients are clicking.


Share analytics information in whole or in an anonymised format to maintain data protection standards. One-click creation of a PDF or full Excel workbook with all campaign metrics.

Exporting reports
Website tracking

Website tracking

Extend the capabilities of our email and SMS tracking to your website to understand how your subscribers interact with your website. Score and categorise content to discover your most engaged subscribers and identify important behaviours.

SMS reports and responses

Full SMS campaign analytics provide similar insights to those available for email with the additional capability to review responses to SMS and filter these.

SMS reports

Trusted and Secure

We continually invest in the technology and resources to ensure the tightest security and privacy by design into our service, and we've got the badges to prove it.

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