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e-shot for NHS and Healthcare is now available on the G-Cloud 13 framework

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Digital engagement at scale

The challenge 

The delivery of digital experiences and information through websites and apps is at the heart of modernising healthcare provision. Driving adoption of these experiences requires an ongoing effort to raise awareness. Email and SMS offer the best channels to achieve this with a combination of newsletters and more targeted communications. 

How e-shot can help 

e-shot is trusted by public sector organisations to deliver branded messaging at scale. It can be used by healthcare organisations to automate messaging based on data variables and events, reducing the burden on internal resources to manually orchestrate campaigns and notifications.  

With the highest data protection and security standards including DSP Toolkit, alongside the features of each of the e-shot versions, there are a package of additional features we include specifically tailored for the requirements of partnerships, trusts and supporting organisations. 

e-shot can be procured through direct award or via G-Cloud. Take a look at the e-shot for NHS and healthcare service definition for more information.

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Patient information and engagement 

Whether it is newsletters to millions or notifications to individuals, e-shot gives you the solution and support to deliver highly personalised and accessible messaging to your audience. We can provide everything you need for your DPIA and our technical team are on-hand to ensure you have all the details your technical and governance teams require.

example SMS message sent via the NHS
NHS Internal comms email example

Internal communications

Engage and inform your peers and review their responses. Bring cohesion to the wider team and ensure that in challenging times they have the answers they need, when they need them. Use single question surveys for instant feedback, or automations for more sophisticated campaigns. Build on our best practice template library designed to focus on internal communications challenges.

Security and infrastructure

Our systems are housed exclusively in Tier 3 data centres in the UK and certified under ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008. We are proud of our 20 years of history of working with the most demanding industries including major financial institutions, NHS and government departments, including The Ministry of Defence.

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Email footer example with privacy policy and unsubscribe link

Data protection by design

Automatically record consent and preferences at a contact level across multiple brands or departments and provide data subjects with automatic access to review, modify or delete their personal information.

For more details of how we comply and help you to comply with data protection legislation, please visit our Trust Centre.

Trust Centre

Multiple departments, single solution

Share a single subscription to our platform and manage data and designs for different departments and brands entirely separately.

You can also manage multiple email domains (including .gov and .nhs) and SMS identities to ensure brand consistency and optimal deliverability.

More about sub-accounts

e-shot subaccount examples
NHS alert email example

Notifications and alerts (including emergency broadcast)

Despite the increasing shift toward social channels to share information, email remains the most universally accepted form of contact. Manage your audience to ensure the right person gets the right message at the right time and then review your analytics to understand their engagement.


Case study

The Education and Skills Funding Agency

"As a government department we are held to a higher standard. Our ability to ensure that our audience receives the right information at the right time, that their data is accurate and secure and we provide a ‘single source of truth’ are the cornerstones to our communication strategy. And e-shot is key in making that happen."      

The environment is fast paced and it is essential that consistent communications can be created and signed off quickly and easily by multiple teams and authors. The ease and sophistication of the messages that can be built with e-shot fulfils this requirement.  

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e-shot on G-Cloud 13

e-shot is available to public sector organisations via the G-Cloud 13 framework. View e-shot on

e-shot on G-Cloud 13