About e-shot™


e-shot™ is the jewel in the Forfront crown. A user friendly digital marketing platform (email and SMS ) created to send professional, well designed consistent emails alongside highly targeted personalised automated campaigns, date driven correspondence and SMS messages. With more than 500 customers and thousands of users, the platform has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2001.

e-shot™ was originally created for yahoo for physicians, then developed further for National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a secure alternative way to transfer medical guidelines to multiple recipients in a cost-effective and timely manner replacing their very expensive postal routine and saving hundreds of thousands of pounds. More than 10 years on, and Wilmington Healthcare, one of Forfront’s key clients, continue to successfully use e-shot™ to communicate with medical professionals along with other NHS and local authority clients.

Over the years e-shot™ has solidified its place in the market as international competitors have come on the scene. Dedicated to its British heritage and focusing on providing the best possible service for UK customers, ensuring that Data Protection principles and now GDPR are strictly adhered to. e-shot™ and its dedicated support team ensure all our customers receive the best possible service.

The founder of Forfront, Ron Kellermann shared his thoughts: “e-shot™ has been our pride and joy since its inception and it has grown and developed into a robust, secure and mature, highly sought after communication and engagement platform. Dedication to simplicity, both in terms of design and usability, has driven us to create an intuitive, easy to use system that puts the power in the hands of our customers. Simplicity is at the heart of what we do.”

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