About forfront


Since 1998, operating from the heart of Surrey, we have been working to deliver cutting-edge solutions to both public and private sector clients. As a software development house we have had the privilege of working with some fascinating businesses from a variety of sectors including marketing, property, finance, healthcare, nautical mapping and e-commerce.

We have also developed a market leading SaaS email automation platform - e-shot™, which helps both private and public sector customers deliver their digital marketing goals.

e-shot™ is the jewel in Forfront’s crown. It is a user-friendly digital marketing platform created to send professional, well-designed and consistent emails as part of highly targeted, personalised and automated campaigns. It is integrated to the market leading CRM systems and with integrated SMS, it offers multi-channel campaigning. Marketers who choose e-shot™ over other marketing platforms tell us that it is more robust, reliable and easy to use.

Running two very different business models in parallel has its challenges, but also offers a significant benefit, keeping our highly agile development team at the top of their game and with our Forfront Lab, the R&D working group we are always looking for new innovation to help our clients be well equipped to meet the modern day challenges.

We are a company of ideas, committed to design and development. Our heritage inspires us to reach the next innovative, powerful and marketable concept. We continuously invest in research, development and personal growth to reach our own high expectations.

We pride ourselves on our originality. Challenging the status quo to derive new solutions to meet tomorrow's problems. From design to delivery, we strive to bring ingenuity and imagination to everything we do.

The founder of Forfront, Ron Kellermann shared his vision:

“As a software house, we have the structure, organisation and process akin to a major corporate service provider, but we have the advantage and ability to adapt, react and interact more quickly and efficiently. We are guided by our experience, not governed by it. We can bring insight without arrogance, partnering and working collaboratively to deliver the best possible outcome. We take immense pride in what we do and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Ron Kellermann, Managing Director