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Digital engagement at scale

The challenge 

With a growing expectation for digital experiences by residents and other stakeholder groups, government organisations need easy-to-use tools to manage communications on a contact-centric basis across departments and campaigns. 

How e-shot can help 

e-shot is trusted by public sector organisations to deliver branded messaging at scale. It can be used to automate messaging based on data variables and events, whilst also offering simple ways to manage newsletters and subscriptions.  

With the highest data protection and security standards, alongside the features of each of the e-shot versions, there are a package of additional features we include specifically tailored for the requirements of public sector organisations. 

e-shot can be procured through direct award or via G-Cloud. Take a look at the e-shot for local government service definition for more information.

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Citizen information and engagement

Present reliable and trustworthy information in a consistent, accessible format to your audience. Whether a topic specific newsletter, and general round-up or a tactical broadcast for a specific message present a unified voice that your citizens trust. Easily manage your information governance, understand audience engagement and build on best practice templates design specifically for local government needs.

Email examples with anyalytics
Stack of three local gov email examples

Commercial marketing

Your audience is used to seeing the design and sophistication of consumer emails. With e-shot you can send beautiful, accessible emails, that are responsive and engaging. Easy split testing makes continuous improvement easy and automations enable sophisticated workflows for maximum effect with the minimum of effort.

Professional audience engagement

Your audience expects more. The fundamental shift to digital first, accelerated by Covid, means your professional audience expect high-quality, consistent, timely and reliable information. They expect personalised, relevant information that is engaging, accessible and mobile optimised. This is easy to achieve with e-shot regardless of how much email experience the campaign creator has.

Laptop of the e-shot editor with an email example being responsive for mobile
Email footer example with privacy policy and unsubscribe link

Data protection by design

Automatically record consent and preferences at a contact level across multiple brands or departments and provide data subjects with automatic access to review, modify or delete their personal information.

For more details of how we comply and help you to comply with data protection legislation, please visit our Trust Centre.

Trust Centre

Multiple departments, single solution

Share a single subscription to our platform and manage data and designs for different departments and brands entirely separately.

You can also manage multiple email domains (including .gov and .nhs) and SMS identities to ensure brand consistency and optimal deliverability.

More about sub-accounts

e-shot subaccount examples
e-shot accessibility preview tool with flagged errors

Responsive and accessible

Creating and sending campaigns is fast and intuitive and the platform offers a choice of methods to suit all levels of design skill. Emails are automatically made responsive and can be made highly accessible to individuals with additional sensory and/or cognitive requirements.


Case study

The future of Essex direct communications

When we went out to market, we found e-shot provided great value for money compared to our current provider. Were really focused on improved functionality and future improvements and developments and they provided great training and support through blogs, articles and face-to-face conversations that really helped us during the onboarding and implementation process.

Louise Alabaster - Senior Content Advisor

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e-shot on G-Cloud 13

e-shot is available to public sector organisations via the G-Cloud 13 framework. View e-shot on

e-shot on G-Cloud 13