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Local Government email templates

Local Government email templates

Our design team are always working hard to come up with new, engaging and useful templates, be it functional, seasonal or special interest. Each template has been thoroughly tested for accessibility, responsiveness and dark mode support, so we have put in the hard yards for you.

With our local government customers in mind we have created a series of templates to meet some of your more common communication needs.

So first and foremost it had to be Newsletters.

newsletter designs

Whether you are looking for a complete template, a bit of inspiration or an element that you can use in your own design, we have a selection in our library to help.

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

more newsletter designs

These templates take into account the fact that sometimes you just need to communicate information and that there will not necessarily always be a call to action. However, given that click through is the best way to measure the engagement of your audience it is best practice to ensure that there is always at least one link in your email.

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

newsletters and events

Events, both online and in-person are also a common communication need, so we have created two templates with this in mind. One to advertise a series or calendar of events and the other to encourage sign up for a specific event.

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

See something you like?

If you would like to use bits of the templates in your normal email design, you can save sections of these templates to your Modules library. Once in a module, you can add it easily to any email design.

Learn how to use modules in e-shot

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