Accessible by design

e-shot has been built with a key focus on ease of use and tools that cater for all levels of experience.

The platform has been designed and tested to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.2 AA standards and incorporates a number of best practice elements in relation to font sizes, colours, contrast ratio and others by default.

The main user interface also has an inbuilt accessibility widget that will automatically invoke certain accessibility features depending on the user’s browser and OS settings.

Extensive efforts are made to ensure the solution is accessible, but if a specific issue is encountered the inbuilt accessibility widget can be used to manually change elements:

  • Screen reader support: menus and functions are accessible via screen readers.

  • Keyboard navigation: Each component of the navigation and menus can be accessed using a keyboard without requiring a mouse or trackpad.

  • Colour contrast: The contrast of the sight can be boosted across all elements with a high contrast dark colour theme. This offers a one-click remediation to any inaccessible low contrast elements, texts, buttons and form fields.

  • Text Size: On screen text can be cycled through different levels of text size making every part of the site instantly more readable.

  • Text Spacing: Modify text and line spacing for improved readability for dyslexic and visually impaired users.

  • Large Cursors: Increases he standard size of the cursor by 400% to ensure that the pointer always remains in sight. Allows for faster and more accessible navigation through hyperlinks, tabs and form elements.

  • Highlight links: This tool emphasises links, buttons and other interactive elements in clear, high-contrast colours that are easy to identify. This allows for easier site useability, navigation and overall accessibility.

  • Pause Animations: Pause content that moves or auto-updates that is considered an accessibility barrier. Stops animations from blinking and flashing content that distracts and may trigger seizures.

  • Image Alts: All content has image alts and descriptions of non-text content.

  • Reading Guide: Converts the cursor into a high contrast horizontal reading guide that focuses and guides the eyes to reduce eye strain for users who are visually impaired, dyslexic, cognitively disabled and users with Presbyopia.

  • Tooltips: Shows alternative text and aria labels for on-screen elements with a simple mouse hover. Tooltips are prominent, high contrast and easy to read for low-vision users with accessibility needs.

Accessible development

Our development processes include extensive QA and UAT phases that include automated and manual testing for accessibility.

Our customer support systems are accessible via the user interface and are also fully WCAG 2.2 AA compliant.

Our customer support team includes individuals trained on accessibility standards who are able to provide support to customers with accessibility needs and in turn to support users seeking to ensure communications produced using the platform are made accessible to others.

We use AXE Web Accessibility Testing to test for violations of the WCAG AA rules to ensure that there is no negative impact on accessibility as we develop the platform.

We welcome any feedback on the accessibility of both our website and the e-shot interface. Specific contact details for this can be found in our Accessibility Statement.

UserWay's AI-Powered Accessibility Widget is installed on this site and is automatically remediating accessibility violations to create an accessible digital experience based on WCAG 2.2 AA.