Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 

Our Commitment 

This statement is made on behalf of Forfront Ltd and its subsidiaries pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the "Act") and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 30th June 2023 as approved by the board of directors.

Our Business and Ethics 

Forfront Ltd is a leading Software Limited company registered in England and Wales (registered number 03643637). The Company provides both Secure Software services and SaaS. 

As a company, we always work to the highest ethical standards and comply with all laws, regulations, and rules relevant to our business. We have a zero tolerance to Modern Slavery, and we realise that our relationships with those we deal with, whether colleagues, clients, investors, suppliers, or the local community, are key to our success and as such we take our obligations and commitments to these stakeholder groups very seriously. 

Our Approach 

We expect high standards from those we work with, and we are committed to doing everything within our control to ensure there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or associated supply chain. The Forfront Anti-Slavery Policy is readily available on our website. 

In the last 18 months, we have continued to develop our formal Procurement strategy and continued to enhance both the systems and team itself, to allow us to better control our cost base and Supply Chain operations, in conjunction with other departments across the business. 

Our corporate policies and procedures further aid us in ensuring that our commitment to combatting Modern Slavery continues. In addition, we have a Whistleblowing Policy which is published on our intranet site, so that if there are any genuine concerns about any wrongdoing or breaches of the law these concerns can be raised in confidence without fear of disciplinary action. 

Our Team 

A fundamental role of our business is to keep our customers safe from Cyber threat. This also translates into the non-Cyber world, for both our own team and those in our Supply Chain. We have training available for our employees which better informs them to identify risk factors, understand the implications and assist us in implementing our Anti-Slavery Policy. 

All our employees undergo identity and right to work checks as part of the recruitment process and prior to commencing employment. Reference checks and, where appropriate, criminal background checks or BBPS checks also take place. Forfront employs directly and does not use agencies to ensure that the payment of salary is made directly to that person. 

Our Supply Chain 

Although Slavery is illegal in every country in the modern world it unfortunately still exists and is a brutal form of organised crime whereby people are forced to work against their will under the threat of some form of punishment or detriment. Most of these people are in the supply chains of legitimate industries. 

We spend with our Supply Chain Partners ranging from, but not limited to, the procurement of IT hardware and Software licences, Facilities Management services, and a wide range of Professional Services. Our highest risk of Modern Slavery is therefore within our supply chain owing to its size and complexity. As a result, we have built upon the foundations already laid and will make an even greater positive step change the coming years, through better communication, education, and collaboration, we will mitigate any potential risks of modern slavery to our business operations. As we develop our thinking around Modern Slavery, we will continue to update our Procurement and Governance processes to ensure compliance to both legal requirements and industry best practice. This includes the introduction of a formal supplier relationship management programme (where appropriate) and working with CIPS and other industry peers to identify further areas of opportunity for improvement. 

Our Journey Continues 

We are proud of our progress, but Forfront recognises that the fight against Modern Slavery is not static. Therefore, to improve our mitigation in the next financial year we will focus on the following agenda items: 

  • Improved employee awareness on Modern Slavery through updated training. 

  • Mapping the higher risk categories of our supply chain to better understand where our risks lie, allowing us to introduce a more appropriate level of contract management. 

  • Reviewing our standard form of contracts to include additional protection such as warranties, right of audit, and indemnities. This includes a full review of our sourcing documents to support supplier selection and contracting. 

  • Greater visibility and communication with our Supply Chain Partners and industry peers. 

  • Creation of a new Procurement strategy for Forfront Globally, that will introduce enhanced processes to better control who we spend our money with, and the due diligence required prior to placing orders. 

  • Technology transformation to gain better transparency of our business operations and tiered supply chain. 

  • Development of closer working relationships with internal governance teams to conduct effective audit reviews of both our internal processes and how effectively our Supply Chain Partners are implementing their best practises towards modern slavery prevention. 

  • Realigning the focus on suppliers as a fourth key stakeholder to Forfront and at all levels and moving towards a more partnership focus and away from transactional buying. 


This statement was approved by the Board of Forfront Ltd on 31st July 2021 and signed by 

Ron Kellermann 

Chief Executive Officer 

Forfront Ltd