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Increase engagement, reduce complexity

The challenge

With official advice needing to change on an almost daily basis, it has never been more important for public sector organisations to quickly, securely and accurately communicate with citizens and stakeholders at scale. Email and SMS remain the most reliable digital channels to achieve this, but the added complexities of privacy, accessibility and security can be challenging.

How e-shot can help

e-shot can help you to modernise your email and SMS strategy and to embrace more efficient and targeted ways of communicating, whilst also delivering on the highest data protection and security standards that are essential to public sector organisations.

With the highest data protection and security standards, alongside the features of each of the e-shot versions, there are a package of additional features we include specifically tailored for the requirements of public sector organisations. 

e-shot can be procured through direct award or via G-Cloud. Take a look at the e-shot for central government service definition for more information.

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Data protection by design

Automatically record consent and preferences at a contact level across multiple brands or departments and provide data subjects with automatic access to review, modify or delete their personal information.

For more details of how we comply and help you to comply with data protection legislation, please visit our Trust Centre.

Trust Centre

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Responsive and accessible

Creating and sending campaigns is fast and intuitive and the platform offers a choice of methods to suit all levels of design skill. Emails are automatically made responsive and can be made highly accessible to individuals with additional sensory and/or cognitive requirements.

Software and a service

Our operation is entirely UK based and our Customer Success team are quick to provide assistance and guidance. We never outsource and everyone dealing with your account has the relevant security clearance for Government work.

How we help

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Security and infrastructure

Our systems are housed exclusively in Tier 3 data centres in the UK and certified under ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008. We are proud of our 20 years of history of working with the most demanding industries including major financial institutions, NHS and government departments, including The Ministry of Defence.

Multiple departments, single solution

Share a single subscription to our platform and manage data and designs for different departments and brands entirely separately.

You can also manage multiple email domains (including .gov and .nhs) and SMS identities to ensure brand consistency and optimal deliverability.

More about sub-accounts

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Reliable Deliverability

Every e-shot customer benefits from dedicated and monitored sending infrastructure. Each message is automatically checked for things that may trigger spam filtration and other cybersecurity countermeasures.

Our technical team are also highly experienced in communicating with public sector networks. Indeed, e-shot was originally developed to help the medical profession and was the first platform used to securely transfer medical guidelines to multiple recipients for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence back in 2002.


Case study

The Education and Skills Funding Agency

"As a government department we are held to a higher standard. Our ability to ensure that our audience receives the right information at the right time, that their data is accurate and secure and we provide a ‘single source of truth’ are the cornerstones to our communication strategy. And e-shot is key in making that happen."      

The environment is fast paced and it is essential that consistent communications can be created and signed off quickly and easily by multiple teams and authors. The ease and sophistication of the messages that can be built with e-shot fulfils this requirement.  

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early market engagement

Early-market engagement

We welcome the opportunity to consult with public sector organisations who are looking to improve their digital communications. Our team can help and advise on a range of topics and are happy to provide advice on planned campaigns and procurement exercises.

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