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Smart Editor: Understanding the email design layout

Smart Editor: Understanding the email design layout

The structure of Smart Editor emails is based on the HTML table layout.

The core elements of the email are stripes that may contain an unlimited number of structures.

You can set the desired number and type of stripes here.

Content tab

Each structure may include up to 8 containers in a row. (The structures in the settings show a maximum of 3 columns, so if you wish to add more then you need to do this here in the Content settings).


Containers can include an unlimited number of blocks when placed one above the other.


However, you need different containers to place blocks to the right and left positions of each other.

For more details about blocks, take a look at our blocks help article.

You can drag and drop blocks/structures/modules from the settings panel to the editor area.

You can select various email elements clicking the left mouse button. When you click, the menu and settings available for the selected element will open in the settings panel.

With the drop-down menu, you can delete, move and copy email elements or save them as modules.


You can navigate between the email elements selecting the elements with the mouse. In this case, the selection priority belongs to the lowest level element.

For example, clicking the block in the container placed in a structure that is, in turn, located in the stripe you will proceed to the block settings menu.

move to block settings

You can also use settings panel for reverse navigation, from block to container.

move from block to container

... from container to structure

navigate to structure

and from structure to stripe. 

navigate to stripe


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