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Secure emails for the education sector

e-shot gives you a powerful set of communication tools, but the technology is only half of the puzzle - our team have over 20 years’ experience delivering services to the public sector and tailoring our solution to meet the needs of education sector communicators.

e-shot is simple and secure, but also versatile and customisable. Educational establishments use e-shot to automate onboarding for students, promote and organise events and open days and to promote their establishments internationally.  

Alumni serve many valuable roles, such as helping to build and grow an institution’s brand, providing mentoring, internships and career opportunities to students. Staying directly connected with alumni and other stakeholders can open doors for existing students as well as having a positive effect on fund raising.

e-shot can be procured through direct award or via G-Cloud. Take a look at the e-shot for education service definition for more information.


Sub-accounts provide an efficient way to manage email marketing automation for separate brands and business units. A sub-account is a dedicated area for contacts, designs, campaigns and reports. Contact information, including unsubscribes, can be managed entirely independently using sub-accounts.

List of subaccounts including Internal Comms and training subaccount
Internal comms email examples

Internal communications

Engage and inform your peers and review their responses. Bring cohesion to the wider team and ensure that in challenging times they have the answers they need, when they need them. Use single question surveys for instant feedback, or automations for more sophisticated campaigns. Build on our best practice template library designed to focus on internal communications challenges. 

Comprehensive reporting

For every email campaign, we provide a detailed set of real-time granular reports to track who opened it, who shared it and much more. Find out more about our reporting suite.

reviewing your results

Summer fair campaign analytics example
Education alert email example

Notifications and alerts (including emergency broadcast)

Despite the increasing shift toward social channels to share information, email remains the most universally accepted form of contact. Manage your audience to ensure the right person gets the right message at the right time and then review your analytics to understand their engagement.


Case study

The Education and Skills Funding Agency

"As a government department we are held to a higher standard. Our ability to ensure that our audience receives the right information at the right time, that their data is accurate and secure and we provide a ‘single source of truth’ are the cornerstones to our communication strategy. And e-shot is key in making that happen."      

The environment is fast paced and it is essential that consistent communications can be created and signed off quickly and easily by multiple teams and authors. The ease and sophistication of the messages that can be built with e-shot fulfils this requirement.  

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e-shot on G-Cloud 13

e-shot is available to public sector organisations via the G-Cloud 13 framework. View e-shot on

e-shot on G-Cloud 13