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Template showcase: Local Government Webinar invitation

Template showcase: Local Government Webinar invitation

In this edition of our template showcase we are looking at a highly functional design created with local government in mind to be used for event or webinar invitations. A clean, well branded, razor sharp focus specifically to motivate sign ups.

Why we love this template:


"Singular focus, detailed but concise and with a clear call to action. The epitome of action oriented design. And the little pop of colour just adds a bit more personality and allows you to use elements of your brand palette as well as the logo "



"This simple template works equally well on desktop or mobile and would also work very nicely for those viewing in dark mode. Just remember to make your imagery and logo suitable."



“This template is brilliant, both for the recipient and for the person building it as all the prompts are there. There is no way that you would miss and important bit of info about a webinar if you were using this template.”

Simple functional action-orientated design

Considerations when making it your own

The pop of colour at the top and bottom of the mail give you the possibility to bring additional branding into an otherwise functional email.

This design is great in terms of accessibility and renders really well in dark mode - so don't forget to ensure that your images are set up correctly for a dark mode presentation - there are a few tips in our dark mode checklist.

See a full preview of this template.

If you have a programme of webinars or events that you would like to promote, we have another template that can let your residents know about the full programme of events. Take a look

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