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Template showcase: Local Government Newsletter (multiple CTA)

Template showcase: Local Government Newsletter (multiple CTA)

In this edition of our template showcase we are looking at design created with local government in mind that includes some interesting design features putting the reader in complete control of their experience.

Why we love this template:


"This is a great template for situations where there are multiple calls-to-action. The menu-like options at the top put the reader in control and the use of headings gives the whole piece a logical flow. The consistent use of button colour makes this template look clean, and the simplicity of the design makes it idea for audiences with additional accessibility needs or for those who render emails in dark mode. "



"This template makes great use of anchor tags - which puts the reader in complete control and can easily skip to the content that they want to engage with. The use of headings is also very beneficial for those with additional accessibility requirements as these are recognised and used by screen reading technology."



“This is a great template for a newsletter, particularly when you need to provide multiple calls-to-action. This is a really effective template that is quick to update and shows that you are putting your audiences interests above your own - allowing them to effectively select what they want to read - with total ease. Accessible and a design that displays equally well regardless of device or colour mode it is rendered. Inclusive and effective”

community news template

Considerations when making it your own

The text area provided in this template is slightly longer that we would usually suggest - so would advise that you restrict the design to no more than 3 sections - equally with a call-to-action at each section you don't want to overwhelm your reader or have them faced with a wall of text.

This design is great in terms of accessibility and renders really well in dark mode - so don't forget to ensure that your images are set up correctly for a dark mode presentation - there are a few tips in our dark mode checklist.

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This is not our only Local Government style newsletter template. We also have

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