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Halloween email templates

Halloween email templates

Free Halloween email designs

Avoid the horror of giving your emails a Halloween theme with our professionally designed templates.

Each template has been thoroughly tested for accessibility, responsiveness, dark mode support and spiders! Don't worry, no spiders... 🕷

You can preview the templates here:

Halloween template montage

Pumpkin Patch

Spooky Bloo

Trick or Treat

Spooky Night Time

Spooky Daytime

Spooky Pumpkin

If you would like to then use one of the templates, they can be found in the Stock Templates library when you're logged into e-shot.

Access the stock template library in e-shot (requires login)

Chop bits out

If you would like to use bits of the templates in your normal email design, you can save sections of the Halloween templates to your Modules library. Once in a module, you can add it easily to any email design.

Learn how to use modules in e-shot

Creepy fonts

Some of our Halloween templates use a Google font called "Creepster"

You can download Creepster from Google and then add it to your custom fonts in Branding.

Download Creepster font

Learn how to add custom fonts to e-shot

If you would like a fully bespoke design for Halloween or any other purpose, please get in touch and we can discuss you needs in more detail.

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