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Watch now: Smart Editor Overview

Watch now: Smart Editor Overview

Take a look at the new email marketing capabilities of the e-shot Smart Editor. Create email designs that are responsive, accessible and interactive.

Smart Editor overview

Watch this quick tour of our new email editor and learn about some of the great new features including:

  • Embedded video

  • Stock images

  • Social tools

  • Banners and menus

  • Mobile optimisation

  • Infinite Restore

  • Template modules

  • Accessibility improvements  

We will also show you our new Design menu which includes;

  • Tagging

  • Easy ways to personalise your subject lines.

  • Custom fonts

  • Template library.

We will also give you a sneak peak at the new AMP capabilities which enable interactive email elements  that are available in the Smart Editor.

If you cannot access the embedded video using Vimeo, or you require subtitles, you can also access it on YouTube here  

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