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Personalise your email marketing with dynamic content

Personalise your email marketing with dynamic content

Personalisation in marketing is not a new term. In fact, personalisation in email marketing has become standard. With customers increasing expectations, it is considered a minimum requirement to simply place *FirstName* in an email.

Today, simply addressing someone by their name doesn’t cut it. Personalisation has evolved to reach new dimensions of hyper-personalisation; with the ability to be able to gauge where email recipients are located, there is now no excuse not to provide each customer with a highly targeted and personalised content experience. 

What’s changed?

In recent years one of the most innovative improvements to email marketing is the development of real-time personalisation. The development of personalisation has emerged as our ability to capture and manipulate data has improved. Being able to send someone an email on their birthday is not cutting edge. However, being able to suggest an activity to do on their birthday 
based on the location/time they open the email is useful and personal. 

Personalisation has developed from simply being able to recommend a product according to purchase history, to using intricate browsing behaviour and real-time data to be able to deliver dynamic content that adapts to each reader's personal context.  

The use of live content to create advanced personalisation is made sustainable by using content automation.  Content will adapt live, at the time the email is opened, dependant on the information which is gathered about your reader.

You may choose to use personalisation factors such as;

  • Device used

  • Mail client 

  • Time of open 

  • Day of the week

  • Geo-Location

  • Local weather

  • Local temperature

By using these factors you can create sophisticated email campaigns. Below are some of the slick ways you can use real-time content to provide your readers with a completely unique, personal experience.

  • Live Countdown Timers 

  • Live Social Feeds

  • Live Image Personalisation 

  • Live Weather Forecasts 

  • Embedded Videos 

  • Local Maps

  • Live Polls 

  • Live Reveals 

  • Live Trackers 

How does it improve your email marketing campaign?

There is no better channel to focus your personalisation efforts on than email. Email marketing and personalisation go hand in hand. 

The digitally savvy generation of today will no longer respond to a spray and pray, broadcasted sales email. You have between 3-7 seconds (EmailOnAcid,2017) to grab their attention and make a connection. 

Personalisation is key to not only a successful email marketing campaign but also developing a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your customers. 

So what are the benefits personalisation’s can bring to your email campaigns?

benefits of personalisation infographic

Things to consider 

There are things to consider before using developed personalisation techniques in your email marketing campaigns. Typically it will revolve around the 3 W’s – Who/ What / Where.


To optimise your email marketing you initially need to understand how your customers interact with your brand. Understanding what they need from your brand, what content they would wish to see.  Also where they are on their purchasing journey.


Once you have established who you are targeting, you will need to consider what content you want to personalise. The beauty of real-time content is that you can use re-purpose content you already have. Real-time content will maximise existing content to personalise user experiences. 


For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on how hyper-personalisation can aid your email campaigns. However, there are other aspects of your digital presence such as your website and landing pages which would greatly benefit from personalisation. 

How to implement personalised email marketing campaigns 

So, you like the sounds of being able to provide real-time content to your readers. But where on earth do you begin? 

Dynamic Personalisation is easier to implement than you think. The next step is to contact e-shot, we can discuss what live content elements you are interested in and more importantly what would suit your business offering. From here our in-house experts will closely work with you to design your unique, exciting dynamic content emails, which will no doubt WOW your clients. 

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