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How to use dynamic content to boost engagement

How to use dynamic content to boost engagement

Modern inboxes are noisy, crowded, and extremely competitive. You have to fight for the attention of your audience and stand out not only from your competitors’ mails, but all the other emails that reach your recipients every day. The average office worker receives 121 emails per day – that is a lot of competition.
So what can you do to stand out within the inbox? Well, you need emails that are doing something unique and special.

That’s where personalisation and dynamic content steps in. There is so much more to personalisation that Hi *Firstname*, although that has its place too. Various factors are applicable, including:

  • Demographic (Name, Age, Gender, etc.)

  • Firmographics (Organization Name, Work Address, Associated Industry, etc.)

  • Behavioral (Purchase Pattern, Response to different offers, etc.)

  • Psychographic (Lifestyle, Interests, Hobbies, etc.)

  • Geographic (location)


Here are some of our favourites…

From name

The From Name is one of the most prominently displayed elements of your campaign when it arrives in your subscriber’s inbox.

On many desktop and mobile clients, it’s displayed with a larger text and heavier font to help people quickly identify who the email is from. Given its prominence, it’s probably not surprising that 68% say they base their decision to open an email on the From Name.

To appeal to these people and get more of them to open your campaigns, you can personalize the From Name of your emails so that different subscribers see different names. A common use case for this is sending your marketing campaigns from the individual sales representative or account manager that is currently working with a particular account.

You can easily amend the from name in the campaign section of e-shot™ as your get your campaign ready to send.

Countdown timer

When it comes to promoting limited-time offers, registration deadlines, or upcoming events, most email marketers rely on an urgent subject line to entice their recipients. By adding a dynamic countdown timer prominently at the top of the email that displays the live time remaining (which changes each time the email is opened), you can make even more of a sense of urgency.

Birthday message

Using the e-shot™ date driven campaign you can send a special birthday (or anniversary) message to your customer to give them that warm, fuzzy feeling. Make them feel special on their special day.

Of course you can use date-driven campaigns for other elements like appointment reminders or event related mails, whatever is most relevant for your business.


Dynamic content blocks

With dynamic content blocks the world is your oyster. Dynamic content enables you to tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content, different offers, images, copy or calls to action. This means you can send one campaign with multiple targeted messages for different groups of customers. Which message each group receives is dependent on the rules you set when you create the dynamic content.

Whether you chose age, gender, geolocation or something else you can build a multifaceted campaign that is highly targeted and relevant to your audience. The simple builder makes it easy for you to create complex campaigns and view each variant, so you are in complete control of the send. Cut through cluttered inboxes with personalisation at a whole new level.


Using dynamic content to personalise your email campaigns is a great way to boost your open and click-through rates. With the ability to embed dynamic elements into every email to customise content—without having to rework the creative every time— you have an ultra-effective and efficient way to deliver highly relevant, one-to-one, personalised marketing at virtually any scale. Dynamic content can both save time and increase personalisation, which is a very beneficial duo. 

Have a chat with our Customer Success team on 0203320 8777 to discuss how you can use dynamic content to boost your audience engagement.

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