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The importance of personalising your email campaigns

The importance of personalising your email campaigns

“Italian dressing with that” – the waiter remembers every time, leaving me feeling slightly special and with everything I could possibly want for lunch … a mozzarella and Palma ham Panini.

Personalised email content will leave your subscribers feeling similarly satisfied - minus the full belly. In an era where there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, being given a personal experience and treated like an individual gets major brownie points.

Email marketing is a sector which greatly benefits from a personal touch. Personalised content helps to replicate an intimate connection that can sometimes get lost through digital communications.

With advances in technology and the mass of big data available at our finger tips, it is possible to personalise content in a variety of ways. Moving on from the days of simply using customer data such as First name and birthdays, behavioural data such as products views and search history can be used as triggers to send intelligent content - all generated in real-time upon the open of an email. A completely unique message for each customer. Exciting stuff we know!  

A little bit of extra thought goes a long way in making your brand stand out from the crowd, however, if you are still on the fence for providing your mailing list with personalised email content then carry on reading to discover why this technique is beneficial for both parties. 

The benefits for your subscribers 

In 2017 a staggering 156 million emails are sent every minute. Nope, that’s not a typo - every 60 seconds the sent button is hit 156 million times.

This stat highlights that to cut through the competition and hang on to a second of your subscriber’s attention, your email content should steer away from being generic and must match your customers’ wants and desires.  

Why your subscriber will love personalised content: 

  1. Save subscribers time by directing them to what they are looking for effortlessly

  2.  Positive online experience provides credibility for your brand and can encourage customers to think more about value than cost

  3. Providing relevant content demonstrates subject matter expertise, which in turn helps build trust 

  4. As content adapts upon engaging with the email customers will feel valued as you have spent time constructing the email for them

On the contrast, if your personalisation attempts backfire and you end up promoting cat food to a dog owner, chances are you will be looking at un-subscription.  

I recently encountered this situation when I bought a Samsung S8 online, I used to save some £££ and the second email I received after a confirmation one was a marketing email promoting how I could save £75 when I buy the Samsung Note through them… Why send this to me this when you know I have just bought a phone? I am clearly not in the market for another phone 5 minutes after I have bought one. A bad example of automated email marketing.


The benefits for your business

Email is a prime channel to send targeted and relevant content to your audience. The sweeping trend of mobile browsing makes the channel ultimately one of the most direct marketing tools available.

Not only will you leave your subscribers gushing over your brand recognising their needs,your email marketing campaigns will also reap the rewards. 

Why your business will love sending personalised content

  1. By sending relevant promotions your audience’s engagement will increase. Studies have found that personalised emails have 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click rates

  2. Once you start building up data on what content works for individual subscribers, you can continue to send targeted information which will allow you to build deeper relationships

  3. Sending tailored content improves customer retention by assuring customers that you can meet their demands over competitors 


To conclude, personalising your email content results in a win all round.  Your customers are receiving promotions that are relevant to them and in turn, they will be more engaged with this content, resulting in increased open rates, clicks, conversions and ultimately sales.

There is no better way to create a positive perception of your brand than crafting an exclusive experience where customers feel valued. In turn, customers will most likely want to spread the word and be willing to pay that little bit extra if they feel that they are being cared for.  

Still feeling puzzled by how your email campaigns can benefit from personalised content? Contact the experienced Customer Success team e-shot ™ we are here to solve all problems. We make it simple. 

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