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Template showcase: Happy Holidays

Template showcase: Happy Holidays

In this edition of our template showcase we are looking at one of our festive designs. But don't let the fact that the design is Christmassy deceive you, as the basis of this template can be used for all kinds of messages and introduces the "Banner" block in all its glory.

Why we love this template:


 "This template is simple, yet impactful. The use of the Banner block also means that no information is lost if a recipient is not displaying images"


"The use of the Banner block make this template really work hard. We have cheated here a little, as the green panel includes the image of a button, but it is in fact the entire green section that is linked to the CTA point. The ability to add a second image over the background image makes this a clever solution and gives a very effective look"



“Whilst this is designed as a Christmas template, it can be used for any type of promotion simply by amending the images. The Banner block is a brilliant tool in the Smart Editor and this is the perfect way to get started with it.”

Christmas banner template

 Take a look at the full preview.

Considerations when making it your own

The primary consideration when making this template your own is the overlay image - in this case the green block with the integrated button. As it is not possible to add a button, using the block, but by using an image of a button to include in the banner is just as effective and gives the same user experience.

For more info on banners, take a look at our dedicated help article.

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