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Template showcase: Basic template

Template showcase: Basic template

In this edition of our template showcase we are looking at our simplest design. But don't let the fact that the design is simple deceive you as to how engaging and impactful a single CTA format can be.

Why we love this template:


 "This is a clean design where the undeniable focus is the headline. By using a colour accent, it improves standout even further than the contrasting text size - and undoubtedly passes the 'squint test' with flying colours"


"A clear template down just one column that provides straightforward business panache for everything from a single news announcement to an effective welcome email. Steadfast and easy to digest, this looks equally good on desktop and mobile."



“This template is ideal for a direct, notification type email. Un cluttered and minimal fuss – so there is no distraction from the important message and singular CTA that you have to share. A functional email that hasn’t forgotten how important aesthetics are for engagement.”

basic template


Considerations when making it your own

You can easily customise the colour palette (in general settings) to fit with your brand colours, just remember to ensure that there is sufficient standout for the colour you use so that it displays well in both standard and dark modes and passes the 7:1 ratio if you are concerned with accessibility (or 3:1 for large text such as this email's headings).

This is a straightforward, single message template. Don’t get carried away with the amount of text that you include and consider how you could utilise in-line links as well as the CTA at the base of the message.

Keep your headline punchy – 5 words max, and use your colour for emphasis.

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