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Email Automation - Saving you time so you can work smarter, not harder.

Email Automation - Saving you time so you can work smarter, not harder.

Do you find yourself looking at the clock thinking ‘where did the time go?’ 

Are you carrying out repetitive, manual tasks, wishing you had the chance to let your creativity shine? 

Is your team longing for an extra marketer to help with the workload? 

Luckily you are not alone my friend; you have the classic symptoms of a marketer who is working hard, but not smartly. 

Fortunately, there is a remedy – Marketing Automation! 

You know the saying, time equals money, so carry on reading to explore all the ways automated emails can save you time. 

How can marketing automation save you and your team time? 

By automating selected email campaigns there are numerous areas that you will save time, increase efficiency and productivity on. Let’s delve into them:

Deploying relevant lead nurturing campaigns

When a reader signs up for a newsletter or a customer makes a purchase, you must send them a follow up email.

As a manual process this cycle is tedious and unorganised. By sending follow up sequences manually, you will ultimately be missing out on an immediate connection with hot leads.

Not responding to a leads engagement at a crucial time, could negatively impact their opinion on your brand. 

Do you know how you could save valuable time using marketing automation?

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How can email automation help? 

To streamline your nurturing programme, unique triggers can be set up within a workflow to allow emails to be sent based on behavioural interactions with your website and your emails campaigns.

By automating this you will be speeding up the process in which readers receive contact from you, making the experience more timely and relevant for the subscriber, which will in turn increase engagement. 

Creating highly personalised campaigns

To try and create a personalised email with a dynamic experience, based on subscribers preferences and behaviour, manually each time, is asking for human error. As well as taking a long time and some serious expertise with data. Trawling through reports to find this level of segmentation is ineffective and time-consuming. 

How can email automation help? 

Instead of having to carry out repetitive, data manual entry, automated workflows can step in.

Creating a highly targeted and personalised campaign couldn’t be easier.

Segment contacts at a granular level based on their preferences and behaviour and automatically send out personalised content. No need for data transferring from different platforms to create this timely, dynamic experience.

To sum it up... 

These are just two areas marketing automation will save you time and effort with your marketing campaigns. I'm sure as a marketer you will agree, being given the gift of time is possibly the best gift out there!

Not only will your campaigns become more efficient, this time saving will translate to productivity in other business areas. 

Time may be a biggie, but it's not the only benefit you could reap from marketing automation. By maintaining a consistent presence in your subscriber's inbox you will be building your brand awareness. 

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