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Using Automation to build brand awareness

Using Automation to build brand awareness

Is your business missing lead opportunities because your prospects don’t know enough about what you offer? Are you looking for an efficient way to raise your profile and build brand awareness with prospects?

Are you confused where to start with automation or think that it is only suitable for other areas of your marketing plan? Have you heard of lead nurture, but don’t know where to start?

Developing a workflow which allows you to maintain a consistent presence in your subscriber’s inbox will increase your brand awareness. Even if the reader does not open the email, by providing an informative subtitle they will still understand what your company is offering.

Nurture sequences are a great way to educate prospects about your brand and what you offer. By automating these interactions you can stay ahead of the game with your campaigns running whilst you concentrate on other value-add activities.

Take control of your prospect’s journey

When someone visits your website, it is not always because they have made up their mind to buy from you. In fact, they are more likely to be in the research phase, or, they are in the consideration phase, which means they still need time to think before buying. It is a well-known fact that it takes many more than one interaction with a brand for a prospect to convert and whether the stat you are familiar with is 7 or 13, it is clear that you need to work hard to educate your prospects to move them through the sales funnel. People do business with businesses they know and trust. The first time someone converts on your website, the likelihood that they really know who you are or understand why they should do business with you is pretty slim. Lead nurturing is an opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field.

Learn more about your prospect's interests

Lead nurturing also gives you the opportunity to find out more about your lead, identifying their interest or pain-point. What challenges are they facing or what products are they most interested in. By presenting different questions or types of content and seeing who responds to what, you can qualify your leads and set yourself up for warmer sales conversations. A good nurture sequence will build brand awareness and educate your prospect giving them a clear idea about the brand, thus helping them move from consideration to decision stage.

Build trust with your prospects

Lead nurturing allows you to connect with your prospects, build awareness, engage them, and gain their trust. Automation is perfect for this. Imagine how labour intensive trying to nurture all these potential leads manually would be. Automation helps you send out relevant emails at the right time to the right audience. Automation also gives you the opportunity to spread your messages out over a defined time-frame, so you can avoid being to sales-pushy and you can drip feed information at a slightly friendlier pace.

And the great news is that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than those who buy immediately.

When you build campaigns that connect with your audience’s needs, chances of improving your conversion are higher. You develop a relationship, following up with prospects until they're ready to become customers. Building their brand awareness and educating them, at a reassuring pace, building trust and confidence by sending them the right message at the right time – all pre-planned and scheduled effortlessly in e-shot™. If you want to learn more about lead nurturing with e-shot™ and how you can build your own brand awareness just give us a shout.

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