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Deliverability: 10 Don’ts and 10 dos

Deliverability: 10 Don’ts and 10 dos

1.       Don’t use all CAPS

2.       Don’t use exclamation marks!!!

3.       Don’t embed forms

4.       Don’t send attachments

5.       Don’t use a single image as your email content

6.       Don't use video, Flash, or JavaScript within your email.

7.       Don’t keyword stuff

8.       Don’t use red font or have invisible text (font colour same as background colour)

9.       Don’t use trigger words (if you can possibly help it) see below

10.     Don’t rely solely on generic advice: Use Forensics and follow the advice on a send-by-send basis.


1.       Do make sure there is a balance of text and images

2.       Do use personalisation (and include a fallback to ensure there are no embarrassing gaps or ‘code’ appearing in your mails)

3.       Do use a spell check before you finalise your email

4.       Do maintain your data

5.       Do segment on the basis of engagement

6.       Do include easy to find unsubscribe and physical address of your company

7.       Do have both HTML and plain text versions of each mail

8.       Do include alt text for your images and links

9.       Do always test your emails before you send them (and get someone else to double check it)

10.     Do keep your mails short and sweet (or break into digestible chunks with headings if it needs to be a bit longer)

An indicative list of trigger words:



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