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Email Forensics update

Email Forensics update

Deliverability is key to a successful email marketing program. After all, subscribers can’t engage with emails they never see. But, around one in five commercial emails never reach the inbox.  We want to help make sure that our clients have a much higher success rate.

  • Learn more about email forensics insights

  • Learn how to improve your email campaign's quality

  • Identify email infrastructure issues

  • Track your inbox placement

This month our partner, SendForensics have unveiled an update to their comprehensive deliverability analysis tool. Through this partnership, you can now see in detail how your email content, copy and the sending infrastructure is scored for each aspect of a campaign, helping you make sure you can optimise every step that your emails go through to reach your contacts. You can also review how your email will look in a variety of email clients.

With the insights you can get from your email Forensics you can review the key elements of deliverability, content and infrastructure when sending Test emails, so you can be confident your email will hit the mark before you hit send.  No more sending blind and hoping for the best!

Introducing Email Forensics insights

You can access your Email Forensics insights directly via the e-shot dashboard (Just click the Forensics Button).  

e-shot dashboard showing email forensics button

The reporting is fully integrated with the e-shot platform, so you can see all the information you need in one place.

When you click on the link in the dashboard you will see an overview of all campaigns sent from your subaccount.

As you send more campaigns, SendForensics will build the number of campaigns visible in the Forensics reporting, and you will be able to see the trend of your deliverability over time.

Email Forensics homepage

You can also access the email Forensics via the Reports section.

When you click on the link from the Reports section you will see the information about the campaign in question immediately.

email forensics report button on the e-shot console

Improve the quality of your email campaigns 

Within Forensics you can review any potential content or infrastructure issues, with the dashboard highlighting any areas requiring attention or with scope for improvement. 

Email Forensics dashboard

Ratings against each area are clearly displayed and you can then click through to more details about the issue that the tool has identified, along with advice to help improve your results. 

email forensics vocabulary dashboard

The advanced vocabulary feature will identify words of concern and suggest alternatives for improved deliverability.  

Identify any infrastructure issues 

Ensure your infrastructure is compliant with deliverability advancements by testing MTA toxicity, forward/reverse DNS validation and ensure SPF records are correct. Whilst the DMARC tool can provide awareness of brand domain name abuse.  

email forensics dashboard showing infrastructure issues

Track the success of your inbox placement 

As you improve the vocabulary of your emails over time, and resolve any potential infrastructure issues that might exist when sending emails, then your Inbox placement will improve. The ISP Inbox placement provides insight into why your campaign is faulting to reach leading providers such as; Gmail & Outlook  

email forensics deliverability scoring - spam filter
email forensics deliverability scoring - inbox placement

With our added Forensics insights you can test your email and understand your deliverability at the click of a button so you can continually optimise your campaigns, and improve your results.   

View your design on the most popular email clients 

With the recent update SendForensics have increased their range of email clients that you can now preview your design on.

email forensics email clients preview

With more than 40 of the most prevalent email clients covered, you can see what your contact sees and be confident that where ever they open their mail they will get the best possible experience.

Powered by Send Forensics the first class intelligence could be the difference between a successful campaign and an outstanding campaign.

If you are interested in enabling your e-shot™account with Email Forensics, please contact our Customer Success Team, drop us an email at or call us on +44(0)20 3320 8750 and speak to us about adding Forensics to your email optimisation armoury.

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