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Subject line help to get you noticed this Christmas

Subject line help to get you noticed this Christmas

As an email marketer the build up to Christmas is not only filled with decorating the tree and off pitch carol singing. No, for the retail and e-commerce email marketers out there the most hectic time of year is about to commence. 

You face the old dilemma: How to make your emails stand out in your subscriber’s inbox. And I am sure you’re fully aware one of the most vital aspects to get spot on is the subject line.

But how?

I mean you don’t want to reek of desperation, blurting out your deals, hoping some capital letters might steal the show.


It must be crafted to perfection, witty, charismatic and catchy... basically everything we want from the perfect Christmas party guest. 

With pressures rising high for the Christmas inbox show down, it’s time to whip out the big guns and use our Christmas subject line guide to show your competitors who’s boss.

Subject line best practise 

Before we move onto showing you some of this season’s best subject lines, let’s delve into some best practices. Without putting these into practice, you could find your subject line letting you down.

1. Ask questions

Ask your readers’ questions to raise their curiosity and you will see a spike in your open rates. You only have 4-6 words to play with, so make them count!

2. Pay attention to the language you use

Your limited amount of words must be kept succinct, focusing on creating a sense of urgency without seeming spammy. Using personalisation is a great way to grab their attention and compel to click.

3. Use a familiar sender name

Thanks to the spammers of the world, consumers are a lot more wary when it comes to opening any old email. Always use an address which has a real person’s name in it – you’re not a robot, right?

4. Keep it relevant

Keep your subject line relevant to the context of the email, no one appreciates click bait. At the same time pick out something weird and wonderful from your email campaign to spark interest.

5. Use emoji’s

We decorate our trees at this time of year so why not our subject lines? Plus thanks to Phrasee we now know for certain of their positive impact. Read more on emoji use

6. Make the most of pre-header text

View the pre-header text as a crafty extension of your subject line. This little sneak preview will help make up your subscribers mind up as to whether you make it to the junk folder or not.

5. A/B test subject lines

Be safe rather than sorry this festive season and test your subject lines before sending to the masses. You will want to select a % which will give you a good cross-selection. 

Subject line inspiration 

Are you struggling for the ultimate subject lines this year? Have a look over our collection of the greatest we’ve come across. 

Pun Fun

We all love a pun, especially around a seasonal trend that we can all relate to. So along with the naff jumpers, crack out the Christmas puns in your subject lines.

  •  Season's Eatings!

  • Gobble up these deals!

Season’s greetings

Use seasonal keywords to reinforce your campaigns offering. 

  • Working late? So are we!

  • Stop by for some holiday cheer

  • Season’s Greetings and Holiday Savings


Cut to the chase and tell your subscribers what to expect from the get go.

  • 12 days of savings start today!

  • 3 gift ideas for [significant other] you haven't yet thought of  

  • Your santa list: 10 stocking stuffers to please anyone 

Now you’re dosed with advice and inspiration, get cracking with creating some awesome and totally click worthy subject lines. And if you have one you are particularly proud of - we'd love to hear it too. 

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