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Do you and your business send and receive Christmas cards?

Do you and your business send and receive Christmas cards?

The Royals have just released their annual Christmas card, which has the nation gushing over the gorgeous family of 4.

The release of such a traditional card got us thinking at e-shot™ about the development of Christmas cards and how conventions have changed with the current digital landscape.

Greetings cards, be it Christmas cards, New Years, Thanksgiving, or even Birthday Cards, provide an annual opportunity to send greetings to your customers and remind them of how valued they are to you, and that you remember them.

Whether you choose a printed card, an eCard, or an animated digital video card, you can use any suitable occasion, to remind people that you remember them.  It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the relationship and nurture your clientele by contacting them just to wish them well, and to celebrate the occasion with them.

The Christmas card tradition first began in 1843, when a civil servant, Sir Henry Cole, came up with the Christmas card concept with his artist friend. By the 1860’s Christmas cards were being produced in large numbers, with many people kicking of the tradition of sending greeting cards during the holiday season.

With the evolving digital landscape over the last few decades, the popularity of the traditional printed Christmas card has started to be replaced with that of Digital e-cards.

The ability to create beautifully animated digital scenes, alongside a growing awareness of the environmental impact and increasing postal costs, leaves many businesses questioning whether sending a large number of printed cards is the right thing to do to express their season’s greetings?

Do you stay connected with your customers over the holidays with Printed or Digital e-cards?

We’d love to know if you sent or received any cards over the holidays, and have setup a short survey to find out:
(If you want to get the answers to our survey, be sure to leave your details and we’ll email you our findings in early 2018).

Make sure you spread the love this Holiday season, and thank your customers for their loyalty by sending a personalised e-card, if you haven’t already done so! (We've already sent ours!)

Let’s show the Royal Family how it’s done this ChristmaS.

Wishing you and your colleagues a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, from all of us at e-shot™.

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