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Template Showcase: Rubbish marketing

Template Showcase: Rubbish marketing

By implementing effective waste management practices and engaging citizens in positive recycling behaviours, local authorities can create a more sustainable and desirable community for all.  

Authorities often experience delays because of the high volume of inquiries concerning missed pick-ups, sorting household waste and disposing of hazardous materials. 

Bin collection 

One of the most significant challenges faced by many councils is the high volume of resident enquiries about bin collections, which can consume a considerable amount of staff time and call centre resources. Therefore, many councils have prioritised reducing the need for this type of customer contact to enhance their waste management processes, increase recycling rates and minimise costs. 

If residents know what they need to do and when, they are more likely to present the right bin at the right time and have a positive impact on local recycling rates.  

To help residents remember when to put their bins out for collection, timely and personalised email or SMS reminders can be sent through a programme of automated campaigns, thereby freeing time of call centre resource enabling them to focus on other key priorities, but through the use of automation, not increasing the burden on an already stretched communications team. 

Take a look at our template designs for inspiration: 

Black & Blue bin: 

Black bin: 

All bins: 

Blue bin: 

Green bin: 

Brown bin: 

No collection: 

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