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Template showcase: Events

Template showcase: Events

Email is a direct and personal way to connect with your audience. Sending event updates ensures on time notifications, giving subscribers time to plan. It engages your audience by sharing exciting details and gives a sense of connection. Clear calls to action in emails prompt specific actions, making it easy for subscribers to respond. Event emails also serve as reminders, preventing attendees from missing out due to busy schedules.

Using email for events efficiently connects, informs, and strengthens relationships with your audience.

We've created a set of email templates to help you through your first steps sending event emails.


These templates cover a range of scenarios, including:

  • Generic event

  • Specific event

  • Confirm your place

  • 7 days to go

  • 1 day to go


Generic event:

This template stands out with a catchy title that instantly shows the email's purpose. The use of a clear Call to Action (CTA) right at the beginning increases the likelihood of recipient engagement. Further down, a well-organized section highlights upcoming events, presenting a diverse range in an easily digestible format. Each event is accompanied by a small description, this gives the recipients a quick insight into what the events are about.

thumbnail of event template - multiple events

 Specific event:

This email template is particularly effective for focusing on a specific event. The spacious layout allows for a detailed yet uncluttered presentation of the event's key information. The prominent CTA simplifies the registration process for recipients. Near the end of the email, a section offers more details about the event in a straightforward and easily digestible format.

thumbnail of event template - single event


Confirm your place:

This email is a crucial step in your process, ensuring the authenticity of all event sign-ups with a double opt-in approach. The initial section features a CTA prompting recipients to confirm their attendance. The bottom section provides details about the event, including key timings and venue specifics, accompanied by a helpful map. The facility to add to calendar is also provided to help maximise event attendance.

thumbnail of confirmation email


7 days to go:

This template is a one-week reminder of your event. It's important to have these as it boosts attendance, Encourages Action and builds trust. This email is a simple reminder with a small section of text and a CTA for more information about the event.

thumbnail of 1 week to go reminder email


1 days to go:

We have also included a one day reminder which will serve the same purpose as the above template.

thumbnail of 1 day to go reminder email


If you would like some hints and tips on how to make these emails your own with guidance on how to reflect your brand and create consistency through the suite of messages, take a look at our dedicated article.

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