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Test Contact Management

Test Contact Management

When you hit send you want to be confident that it is your best work that will be winging its way to your audience. e-shot provides a variety of tools to double check your creative before you hit send.

Setting up test contacts within your e-shot account allows you to send test and live campaigns to those contacts with your test contacts. Sending test emails within e-shot is very important as it allows you to see the design or campaign the way any of your other contacts would when you send them that email. 

Sending tests helps to ensure that your personalisation is correct, and your dynamic content is spot on. Testing your emails also helps with making sure your email renders correctly in every possible client and all your links are valid. With every check at your fingertips, you can guarantee every email will be perfect and to your liking.

In general, setting up test contacts to send out test emails enables you to see if everything looks as you expected from the eye of the subscriber and not the designer.   

Users of e-shot can find the test contacts by going to the Settings drop down menu and selecting Test contacts.

Settings option

We have made several changes to Test contacts to make them easier to use and edit them when needed.


There is now the ability to remove a test contact from the ‘test contacts’ group within the CRM section of e-shot. This feature will now allow users to remove contacts they no longer want as a test contact for reasons such as they are leaving the company or are simply just no longer part of your testing process.

Test contact option

You can find the CRM section and Groups in the e-shot Dashboard.

CRM menu

We have now added the ability to see but not edit the ‘test contacts’ group within the CRM section for those users that do not have contact management permissions. We have made it possible for every user of the e-shot account can view the ‘test contacts’ group but not edit or select it, depending on what access permissions they have within the account.

Groups menu

Users can now also make any contacts under CRM a test contact. Users can do this by selecting the contacts they wish to also make a test contact, then selecting the Actions dropdown menu and Make test contacts. This has improved and simplified the way contacts can be made into test contacts as any contacts in the CRM database can now quickly be converted into a test contact.

CRM contacts

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