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CRM - Contact View

CRM - Contact View

Contacts View

From the Contacts List page clicking on any of the main contact field values will drill down into the Contacts View page, which displays each of the contact values along with a summary of their activity. The contact's avatar will automatically be imported if there's a Gravatar account that shares the same email.

A contact record

The Details panel displays each of the contact's field values, which defaults to only show the essential information, but clicking More will expand the section and show all of their standard and custom fields. If you would like to update any of the values just click into the field, overtype with what you would like, then click off the field for it to be saved automatically.    

Updating a contact record


The Groups panel displays each group that the contact is currently a member of. A contact can be associated with many groups. To associate or unassiociate the contact with further groups just click the pencil symbol to open the Assign Groups modal. Any existing groups can be removed by clicking the cross next to the group name and to add additional groups just click within the box to open the dropdown selection. From here groups can be selected by scrolling and clicking, or the list can be filtered by typing the name of the group you are looking for.

Editing a contacts groups


Any preferences, or preferences and channels if enabled, associated with the contact will be displayed in this section. To edit the current choice you should click the pencil symbol to open the Assign Preferences modal. Preference selection works similarly to groups, existing preferences can be removed by clicking the cross against the name, or clicking into an empty space in the box will open the dropdown menu displaying the choices for selection.   

Updating a contacts preferences

When both preferences and channels are enabled the process changes slightly. You should choose your preference as before, but then select one of the channels that are available for that preference and click Add Preference Mapping to save your choice. The preference/channel mapping will be added to the box underneath, which can be removed by clicking the cross next to it if required.

Assigning preferences


The Engagement section shows a graphical and numeric representation of the contact's email and SMS interactions. Their tracked website visits along with their lead score are also displayed for accounts with Website Tracking enabled. 

Engagement records


The Account section displays a quick summary of which account the contact is associated with. Clicking the pencil symbol opens a modal that allows you to manually amend their account choice from this page if required by either selecting an account, or selecting the blank option to remove the selected account, before clicking Save. To locate an account you can either scroll through the dropdown list, or free type to filter the list.  


The activity section shows a summary of the activity the contact has engaged in with the date and time displayed. If you would like to search for any activity in particular the search box can be used to filter the list. You can also only view a specific type of activity by changing the option in the top right corner. The date the contact subscribed is also listed here at the top, along with the contact's source, which can be amended by clicking on the pencil symbol and selecting an alternative from the modal. 

Contacts activity
Filtering activity

Understanding a contact's progress through an automated series

In the Activity panel you can also see the date, time, automated series name and step name as well as link to view the email sent, to refresh your memory.  

automated series contact progress

If needed you can also access the Automated Series flow by clicking its name from the activity log. Once accessed, you will be able to see the Series plus an Audit of the contact going through it. 

automated series contact audit

Manage Button

In the top right corner of the page there is the Manage button, which contains a number of options, allowing to export delete or unsubscribe the contact.

Export contact

This works in a similar way to the export contacts option from the Contacts List page, but applies only to the viewed contact. Selecting this option will open a download window allowing you to decide where to save the CSV file containing the contact information.


This option allows you to delete the viewed contact, which returns you to the Contacts List page on completion.


Selecting this option will unsubscribe the contact from the chosen subaccount, this action cannot be undone.


Unsubscribe from all subaccounts

Choosing this from the Manage button options will unsubscribe the contact from all subaccounts, which cannot be undone. This action is only available to admin users.

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