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Overview: June Release

Overview: June Release

Security & Performance enhancements:

  • IP restriction for API access – you can now restrict API access to your account to specific IP addresses*

  • Removal of Username – you will only require an email address and password to authenticate to e-shot going forward. This will be implemented on a phased basis to minimise the risk of login issues.

  • Enhanced app protection – your use of e-shot is now protected by additional cloud security measures

  • Archiving – you can no longer archive (or delete) a campaign sent less than 30 days ago

  • Archiving – this process is now asynchronous, so not to delay the user working on other items

  • Unarchiving – this process is also now asynchronous and can only be selected by an Administrator

  • Bot protection – we have made further improvements to the algorithm that blocks bots from interacting with your campaigns*



  • Unused saved filters can now be deleted

  • Link checks at the design stage can be disabled in Settings


Changes that may require action from you:

  • You must not share login credentials with other users. We will be phasing out the use of shared email addresses for logging into e-shot

  • You must have a valid login to e-shot associated with your email address to receive support in relation to data and contacts


*These features are not enabled by default. Ask our Customer Success team for more information and to enable them on your account.

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