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Checking the links in Drag and Drop email designs (link validation)

Checking the links in Drag and Drop email designs (link validation)

Your call to action is arguably the most important thing within your email design so it is critical that the links that you place within your email work.  There is nothing more embarrassing or unprofessional than having a link within your email that errors.

There are additional considerations too however, as the reputation of the pages to which you link also have an impact on the deliverability of your email and your sending reputation.

There are two places where you can review and double check the links in your email design.

The first is at the third step of the design process.

monitor links

Here you can see the details of all the links that are within your email’s HTML.  At this stage you can check the link details and also add a friendly name for each link to make them easier to identify when you come to report on the email at a later date.

You also have the ability to decide whether links should be monitored i.e. tracking and reporting on contacts’ engagement with this link and if Google Analytics campaign parameters should be appended to the link for tracking with the GA suite.  Note: These are both active by default, so it is only if you wish to deactivate that action should be taken.


It is possible to have link validation at this step, where e-shot will test the link to ensure that it is working. To enable this visit the account settings and activate within the Send Preferences tab. 

send preferences



If Link Validation is enabled you are able to see all whether your link is resolving in the column marked valid.

link validation

When the validation step is active your campaign will not be ready to send until all links are validated.

If a link does not validate it will be highlighted in red

friendly name

If this happens check the link and if you are confident that the link is valid you have the option to ignore validation – for example if a page you are pointing to is not live yet – if you ignore validation you are able to complete the design flow and create the campaign, if for example you wish to queue the campaign to go out at a later date, once that page is live.

N.B Due to the security around the way LinkedIn pages resolve it is likely that even if the linkedin page URL is correct the link will be unable to validate. If this happens, manually check that the link is correct and then select ignore validation to continue with your campaign build. 


This link checking method is available to all e-shot accounts if they wish to activate it. However, for e-shot auto and e-shot ultimate customers Email Forensics offers a more comprehensive checking facility which will inform you of any potential impact on deliverability your link may have. What’s more, Email Forensics not only checks the link within your email, but checks 6 links deep to assess any potentially unseen reputational damage that may be transferred through the sites you are both directly and indirectly linking to. (Read more about Deep Links)


Email Forensics will inform you of your link quality, and give you a reputational grading based on this. More importantly if any of your links are likely to cause you reputational damage i.e. linking to a domain that is blacklisted, you are informed at the test stage and can take action.

link quality

Email Forensics are available to review as soon as a test email is sent, so you can adjust your campaign accordingly before you set the live send.


If you would like more information about the other additional features of email auto or email ultimate give us a call on 020 3320 8750 and our Customer Success team will be happy to talk you through it.


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