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Designs: Link Manager

Designs: Link Manager

e-shot has its own links manager where you can add a place holder to a link to make it quicker and easier to add links within your email design. You will be able to use the links manager to add links such as your social sites, your privacy policy and many more.  

It is important to use the links manager page as it means that your e-shot account will become more organised and be more straightforward to handle.  

We will also use the standard link placeholders in the templates we create - whether bespoke or within the library - which will pull the information you have set up in the link manager, without you needing to do anything more.

The links manager can be located under the designs tab within the e-shot menu bar on the left-hand side. 

Links manager can be found in the design menu

Template links manager

Once you have entered the links manager page you will see a section named ‘Template links’. This is where you will be adding a link to. To do this you need to select ‘Add link’ located in the top left-hand corner.  

template links manager

You will then be presented with a pop up where you will be asked to add your link URL, link text and friendly name. The link URL is the link that you would like to add, the link text is the description of the link you are adding, this makes it easier to understand, and the friendly name is how you will search for the link within the links manager. You are also able to create your own placeholder text, or you can tick the box that says ‘Auto generate placeholder’.  

creating your link palceholder

Once you have done this you will see the link has been added to your links manager with a tick next next to it.  

enabling links and variables

This will then enable you to add your placeholder into a smart editor design.  

First you will need to add your social icons by adding in a social icon block. Once you have done this you will need to go to the right-hand side panel and select the social icons you would like to add a link to. You will then see a drop-down menu named ‘site’, select the drop down and choose ‘other’. After you have done this all you will need to do is type in the protocol that you have named your link and then the link will automatically be added in. 

You are also able to do this when adding a link to words or a button. 

social linking

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