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Designs: SMS

Designs: SMS

When creating an SMS, you have to go to Designs Menu then New Design. Then click on SMS.


New Design: SMS

You will then be prompted to name your SMS, which is the name that will display when it appears in the existing designs list. An SMS tag is automatically assigned to  the design however you are able to add more than one tag to it.

Monitored links and shortened URLs are automatically selected. The shortened domain associated with your account is also pre-filled for you. You do have the option to change it though by clicking on the drop down arrow.

Once you have completed the Name, tags and URL handing step, click on continue.

Setting up URL handling

Next, you need to select your Identity

Select your identity

Once the sender details step has been completed, you are able to start building your SMS.

In the message content, you are able to type your message. You can also add dynamic content to it, by simply clicking on the arrow next to merge tags and selecting the merge tags/personalisation you wish to include.

Adding personalisation

After writing your SMS message you’re able to preview your message, on a mobile screen, by clicking Preview next to Save.

adding personalisation to your message

You can select a test contact to show you how your SMS will look like on a contacts phone including the content from the merge fields that you have included. You are also able to send any phone a test. To do this click on test and type in the mobile number you wish to review the message on.

If you would like to share your SMS design with anyone else, you can copy the Public URL and anyone can click on it and view your message design.

If you are happy with your SMS, then you can build a campaign. The steps to build a SMS campaign is still the same, but if you need to edit the SMS you have to click on Actions > Edit details > Message content.

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