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Campaigns - SMS

Campaigns - SMS


The Campaigns page lists all of your previously created campaigns, ordered chronologically. There are a number of different campaign types, which are described below. A brief summary of each campaign is shown on this screen, along with dropdown options to Send, Edit, Test or Delete each. There’s a Search and Filter option to allow you to locate a particular campaign quickly.    

campaign types


SMS campaigns offer the functionality of a Single Send campaign but in an SMS format, allowing instant delivery to customers who don’t check their email very often. 

The campaign creation wizard shares similar sections to a standard email campaign, excluding the Filtering step. 

Message Selection 

Choose from one of your messages, previously created in Design Studio, to continue to the next screen. The search function allows you to locate a chosen message quickly. 

SMS campaign

Sender Details 

Details of who’s sending the SMS can be customised on this screen.     

sender details

Define Delivery 

On this screen, a group of contacts is chosen to be the recipients of your campaign. Contacts and groups of contacts can be amended within the Design Studio section. In addition, you can suppress certain groups from being sent to if you wish. For example, if you have a large group of contacts with a small subsection that shouldn’t be sent to, the smaller group can be suppressed without having to make lots of manual amendments in Design Studio to accomplish the same result. Once your contacts have been chosen the Calculate Contacts feature will analyse the information and inform you of the total number of contacts that will be sent to. This information can be exported to CSV if you desire. 

define delivery


The Summary page shows a brief recap of the information from the previous pages.   

summary and preview


The Test page allows you to send a test campaign to a single or multiple contacts of your choice as a final stage to ensure that your campaign appears as required.   

sending sms

If you have another question about SMS campaigns, take a look at our SMS FAQs.

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