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CRM: Deleting contacts and groups

CRM: Deleting contacts and groups

When a contact is deleted in e-shot; manually, in bulk or via the API, it begins a period of 30-day ‘Soft delete’ status.

As a Soft delete, the contact is no longer counted as active towards the contacts limit and it will not be included in any campaigns sent from that point. During the 30-day period, all the details and the transaction history will be maintained in case it needs to be reinstated as active. After 30 days e-shot will automatically Hard delete the contact.

When a contact is Hard deleted in e-shot, after the 30-day period of ‘Soft delete’ status, all identifying information is removed including the email address (which is anonymised). From that point onwards it is un-identifiable, but it will still be counted in the historic reports, to maintain the integrity of previous campaign analysis.

This state is not reversible and if the same email address will be entered again, it will be treated as a new subscription with no previous history.

Please note that unsubscribed contacts are not anonymised to comply with GDPR, a record of their unsubscribe will be retained in the background so if post-delete you re-upload an unsubscribed contact they will remain unsubscribed in your account.


There are a number of ways that you can delete contacts in e-shot.

Deleting a single contact

If you only have a single contact to delete the easiest place to do this is within their contact record using the Manage menu on the right-hand side.

Deleting contacts and groups

Deleting multiple contacts

If you have several individuals that you would like to delete then in the contacts page you are able to select individuals, using the tick box to the left of their name, and then delete the selected contacts using the Actions menu.

Deleting contacts and groups

Finding and Deleting individual contacts not assigned to a group

If you are looking to find/delete contacts that are not included in any groups on the contact page there is and option to filter to unassigned contacts.

Deleting contacts and groups

This will give you a list of all contacts that are not assigned to a group, so you can either delete or assign to a group as you require.

Deleting contacts and groups

Deleting groups and groups including their contacts

If you have groups of contacts that you need to delete then this can be done through the groups overview, using the actions menu.  Through the actions menu you can delete groups (leaving the contacts in the account) delete groups including deleting all the contacts within the groups and finally you are able to delete groups and unassigned contacts.

Deleting contacts and groups

Deleting groups and unassigned contacts

By selecting this option in the group overview actions menu, you can delete both a group and all unassigned contacts in a single action.

Deleting contacts and groups
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