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CRM - Groups List

CRM - Groups List

Groups list

The groups list shows all of the groups within the subaccount, with a search bar at the top of the page to quickly locate a group when you need to.

Groups list

Featured groups

Groups can be marked as Featured when creating or editing, which results in the groups appearing at the top of the list and adding the featured icon to the row.

Compare groups

The number of contacts within a group are displayed on the groups list page, but in order to see which engagement category they might be in and to see their email/sms status the Compare Groups function should be used. Tick the checkbox to select up to 10 groups and then click Compare Groups to see the breakdown information display at the bottom of the page. Once viewing the comparison list, ticking an additional checkbox and clicking Compare Groups again will add the additional group to the displayed list. Clicking the cross next to the Compare Groups button will reset the selection and hide the comparison section.

Groups list

Add group

Clicking the Add Group button will open a modal where new group details can be entered. Simple enter a name, optionally enter a description and mark it as Featured, then click Add to complete the process.

Groups list

Actions button

The Actions button contains two options available for selected groups. To select a group just tick the checkbox against your chosen row, alternatively you can tick the column header checkbox to select all accounts from all pages in the grid.



Selecting your chosen groups and clicking the Delete option from the Actions menu will offer two options; the group and all associated contacts can be deleted in their entirety, or the group can be deleted but all the contacts remain intact, just unassociated from the selected group(s).

Groups list


Two of more groups can be merged together, either into an existing group or creating a new one. You can choose to delete the original groups or leave them intact. If you choose to delete the original groups then the contacts within them won't be deleted, just unassociated.

Groups list


Each of the groups columns can be filtered, which is accessible by clicking the symbol in the column header, then simply select your operator and value then click Filter to update the group grid results. If you would like to reset the filters back to default then just click the Clear all filters button, which will be greyed out if nothing has been applied.

Groups list


The group grid can be customised to show a different number of rows based on your preference. You can choose to show either 10, 20, 50 or 100 rows within the grid, which is saved to your user profile and will persist between pages, so each of the grids on the other CRM pages will show your preferred choice.

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