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Campaigns FAQs

Campaigns FAQs

Why is the Send or Activate button for my campaign greyed out?

Your campaign isn't yet ready to be sent. Hover over the button to show the reasons as to why it's incomplete.

How long will my email take to be delivered?

Email delivery times can vary depending on numerous factors, including server traffic and authentication. e-shot™ employs intelligent delivery to ensure emails are actually delivered rather than bounced by providers such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. If we receive negative feedback, e-shot™ will throttle its sending, occasionally resulting in delays.

If a contact exists between multiple delivery groups, will they receive multiple emails?

No. At the point of sending, e-shot™ always de-duplicates your contacts, to ensure contacts will only receive one unique email.

When is the best time to send my campaign?

All lists, industries and contacts are different. While there's lots of information of information stating that Tuesday morning is statistically the best time to send to your audience, we'd always recommend using the engagement timeframes on the reports of your campaigns to gauge when the best time to send to your own audience is.

How many Single Send Campaigns can I queue at the same time?

You can queue an unlimited number of campaigns at the same time.


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