Video: Cyber-attack learnings for local government

Video: Cyber-attack learnings for local government

“At first, we didn't truly understand the impact and nature of the attack, how it wiped us out, or what it actually means to an organisation to lose everything. How do you, in the modern age, deliver a service if you've lost [everything]?” 

The National Cyber Security Centre dealt with 777 incidents between September 2020 and August 2021, with around 40% aimed at the public sector. 

“The risks to service delivery. The toll on staff, the media pressure and the financial costs. The impacts across the organisation were huge. Over a year later, we still consider ourselves to be in some form of recovery” 

We spoke to Jez Rogers, Cyber security advisor and part of the South East Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) about the learnings direct from an affected organisation, to hear his, and their, advice on how to best prepare for if the worst should happen. 

cyber-attack video

With the help of our partners at SEROCU we have created a downloadable checklist to help you get put your response plans together.

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