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Using sub-accounts as part of your data management process

Using sub-accounts as part of your data management process

A sub-account provides an ethical wall in your e-shot database between contacts, designs, campaigns and reports. It is designed to provide an efficient way to manage email marketing automation for separate brands and business units.

Agencies can use sub-accounts for each client for whom they wish to send email communications. The principal benefit of this is to ensure everything for that client is kept separate. Each email must carry the legal identity of a legitimate business, so the sub-account structure gives you a way of sending emails as the client rather than as the agency from a legal perspective.

Unsubscribes and other contact level functions are also unique to each sub-account, although there is the facility to unsubscribe a contact from all sub-accounts.

Account Administrators have access to all features in all sub-accounts, but individual users can be restricted to a specific sub account. This means that clients can be given direct access to the e-shot interface.

Each sub-account needs a sending domain associated with it. Although it is possible to have a dedicated sending domain for each client, this is not required.

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