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Testing tab: Full test

Testing tab: Full test

Existing testing functionality will also remain along with the addition of the quick single email test.  

To send a full test, you will need to navigate to the ‘Testing’ tab within the campaign.  

Testing tab

Once you have navigated to this tab, you will see an option labelled ‘Full test’. 

Testing tab page

From here to select your ‘full test’ audience, click the button labelled ‘Select’. Upon doing so the below pop-up will be brought up onto your page. 

Selecting a test audience

The contacts that get brought up in this pop-up will be all contacts that have previously been set to test contacts in your subaccount. For details on how to set up test contacts, please refer to the dedicated article on test contact management.

From here you can select the contacts you wish to send your campaign to as a test. Once you have selected your contacts, you can click the ‘Select test audience’ button to apply your chosen test contacts. 

Selected test audience

Once you have clicked this button you will be taken back to the testing tab, now under the ‘Full test’ section you will see the contacts you previously selected.  

 If you wish to add more contacts to your test audience, you can click the ‘Select’ button again. To remove an individual contact simply click the ‘x’ next to the contact you wish to remove from the audience. To remove all the contacts you have selected, click the red ‘Remove all’ link.  

Once you are happy with your test, click the ‘Send test’ button under the full test section within the testing tab.

Sending the test

This will bring up a final pop up for you to confirm your test send to this audience. If you are happy to proceed you can continue with sending the test by again clicking the ‘Send test’ button within this pop up.  

Sending the test

Upon clicking this button, you will be taken back to the campaign, and you will see the below notification in the bottom right corner of your page. Your test will now be sent to the audience you have chosen. 

Test sent confirmation

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