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How to create email newsletters that convert

How to create email newsletters that convert

An email newsletter is an essential element in the digital marketing armoury. A good email allows you to connect better with your audience, gather information about the contact’s wants and preferences and even sell products online.

Email newsletters can be as simple as a link to a new blog post, or complex to show off a new product or service or collection of promotions sent to tempt and engage your readers.

Great email newsletters have several things in common including compelling headlines, great imagery and well-written content. And not forgetting a clear call to action so your readers know exactly what do next. Here are our top tips to creating high performing and engaging newsletters


An email newsletter’s goal is converting readers, with a well-built structure you help draw people into reading your content whilst guiding them towards the call to action.  An effective method to do this is by using the inverted pyramid model. Start with a succinct headline that highlights the essence of your campaign. Follow this with the supporting information to back up your headline’s claims to convince the reader the benefit of clicking through.  Finally include your call to action in a prominent position making it clear what to do next.

inverted triangle

Compelling Headline

You need to spark the reader’s interest with a captivating and compelling headline. Draw them in, make them curious.

Imagery and visuals

The right imagery can enhance your text. A picture paints a thousand words and can appeal to your audience on an emotional level the way words cannot, enhancing your chances of a click through.

Perfectly written content

Write short, clear and strong sentences. Stick to the point. Only share valuable and inspirational content using your brand’s tone of voice. Try to stay more conversational, remember you are speaking directly to your customers and prospects. Choose the right words.  Use sensory words to stir their imagination and use power words to incite action. Build trust with your readers and add a personal touch to make your message stand out. Lastly, ensure that your content is scannable, use headlines and bullets to make your content easy to understand. And don’t forget to use web-safe fonts.

Call to action

Fear of missing out is a powerful motivator, and something that compelling call to actions often tap in to.  Like your content, CTA’s should be clear and concise, there should be no doubt what the reader needs to do next. The position of the CTA should be obvious but not overwhelming, keep the design clean and use white space effectively to make sure your button stands out.

Mobile Optimised

Ensure that your message is mobile optimised. With more and more people opening your message on phones and tablets giving them the best experience is key to the success of your campaign.

Email marketing is one of the most efficient mediums, but without optimising campaigns for conversion you could be wasting your efforts and missing out on valuable clicks.

Our account management team are on hand to give more advice and advice specific to your campaign to help you maximise your effectiveness every time you hit send.  Does your ESP do that? Contact us today for a personalised demonstration and tailored package to suit your needs and take your email marketing to the next level.

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