Could SMS revolutionise your recruitment business?

Could SMS revolutionise your recruitment business?

In any competitive industry, finding a way to stand out and get first mover advantage can be the difference between success and failure.  Differentiation is harder, cutting through the noise is harder and if you can’t alert a candidate of a job before your competitor you risk losing valuable business.

So why not use the growing obsession with our mobile phones to your strategic advantage. By-pass other digital distractions and get your role to your candidate instantly.  91% adults have their mobile within arm’s reach 24 hours a day (Dynmark Mobile Intelligence Review), and SMS has a mind-blowing 98% open rate (Adobe, 2015).  So you message is basically guaranteed to be read and not only that, be read quickly as 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes (ConnectMogul).

“SMS is so simple and easy to use yet so effective in communicating with our audience…. Brilliant”

Sam Tilley GradCornwall

Here are some of our most compelling reasons to make SMS part of your communication strategy.

  • You can alert all relevant candidates quickly and effectively to the latest available positions
    You can even talk to our team about integrating with your other systems to automate updates, triggering an SMS for example when an application status changes.

  • You can be more discrete 
    Many candidates are already in employment when they are looking for a new job.  A text is more discreet and easier to respond to than a call.

  • You can cut costs without reducing service 
     You can achieve what you need with a single text rather than a 5-minute call.

  • Keep you database clean 
    Candidates can confirm their interest quickly and confidently, so you know you are only working with a live pool of contacts.

  • Allow candidates to reply to your messages to confirm their interest 
    You can efficiently reduce the need for time-consuming speculative calls.

  • Achieve instantaneous delivery and immediate response  
    When time is of the essence, you can put your best foot forward with SMS.

  • Increased engagement 
    Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate.

SMS can dramatically increase the speed that vacancies are filled by communicating with all candidates at once, without losing that personal touch; saving you money, resources and most importantly time.

“We can stay in touch with all our candidates at the click of a button, with confidence that they’ve got the message”

Karen Hill Diamond Recruitment Group

Not sure where to start? We have some suggestions how you could use SMS to boost your business:

  • New job announcements to relevant candidates

  • Application deadline reminders

  • Appointment reminders

  • Status updates on job applications to keep your candidates in –the-loop

Don’t forget SMS is covered by the same legal obligations as email marketing so make sure that your processes and opt-in statements and policies cover both email and SMS.

With e-shot™ you can manage your email and SMS sends, automated series and triggered sends and best of all, when it comes to reviewing your results, you can not only view your campaign and send data, but you can also view your contacts as individuals, tracking their engagement across both email and SMS in a single unified report.

“The clear, concise reporting helps us optimise our campaigns and the integration of both email and SMS reports gives us a comprehensive view of our prospects engagement throughout our campaigns” 
Andy Mitchell, Commercial Director, RED Driving School

Interested in finding out more about how SMS could help your business? Have a chat with our customer care team to explore the possibilities, call us on 020 3320 7777.

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