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Suggestions and Feedback

Suggestions and Feedback

How to make a suggestion 

There are several ways to make your suggestion:

  • From the e-shot™ system, click on the “Help” tab at the bottom of the browser window and then “Make a suggestion” 

  • email 

  • contact your account manager  

  • raise a support ticket at 

All suggestions are reviewed and prioritised by the product development specialists and you can rest assured, however large or small your suggestion, it will be considered. We use a weighting system which looks at a variety of elements including but not limited to: 

  • is it on the roadmap already? 

  • is it a popular request for a number of users? 

  • will it significantly improve productivity, enhance user experience and add value? 

We are grateful for all your suggestions and will endeavour to let you know once your suggestion is made a reality. In some cases we may contact you to discuss it further.  

What if your suggestion doesn’t make it? 

If your suggestion is something particularly besopke to you, there is also the option of approaching us to develop it for you. This paid option gives you the flexibility to move forward on suggestions that are close to your heart and you want control of. 

What about fault reporting? 

We handle faults via a triage system so serious issues are always addressed with urgency. Items are assessed as urgent, medium or low priority. 

  • Urgent issues will be dealt with immediately; 

  • Medium priority issues will be dealt with as part of our routine maintenance* and deployed with the next release; 

  • Lowest priority items will be added to the roadmap. 

* Our maintenance release programme currently runs every 3 weeks.  

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