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Installing e-shot's Web Tracking on your website

Installing e-shot's Web Tracking on your website

It is simple to install e-shot’s Web Tracking code.

We will provide you with a unique javascript that needs to be placed in the Head of your website.

 Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you simply need to install as a “Custom HTML”. No advanced settings are required for the installation.

GTM Custom code


It is also possible to add your in-leads tracking code as a javascript in landing page builders i.e. Unbounce.

Manage scripts button
name and placement



If you have a Wordpress site you have two options::

1.       Use a plugin: in this instance Header and Footer

Under the "Page head and footer" tab, add the tracking code to the section which says "Code to be added to the HEAD section of every page":

Word press add in installation


2.       Add directly to the header.php file

Go to "Appearance", then "Editor", then "header.php". Search for </head>. Paste the tracking code before the closing </head> tag. Save the code by clicking "Update File".

add code gif



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We are confident that we can help you, which is why we offer a free healthcheck to identify potential issues with your current programme and free advice on things that could be done to improve it.

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