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Designs: HTML Upload

Designs: HTML Upload

As part of the latest e-shot release, we have updated the HTML upload editor design process. This help article will talk you through the new and simplified HTML upload process.

Creating a new HTML upload design

To begin go to the Designs tab and select New design from the dropdown. Once we are on this page, e-shot automatically selects our newest email editor the Smart editor. As we wish to use HTML upload, just click on that editor instead.

The HTML upload option in e-shot

Once you’ve selected the HTML upload method, you can continue with setting up the details for our email design. Start by setting the name of your design and assign tags if this is something you want.

Name the html design

These two are only visible to you and other users of the account, the message name is simply the name of the design, and the tags are something the user can set as a method of filtering your designs in the Existing designs page.

Next is the Sender details, here is where you set up what the email will appear like in the subscriber’s inbox. You will have a default Identity already set up but if not, you can select manual and you can enter these details yourself. The sender address is the email that the message will be received from, the sender alias is the name that will appear in the inbox and the reply address is the email that replies to your email message will go to.

Add your sender details

You can also turn on the dynamic switch for the sender details. When switched on you can map different fields to the sender alias and reply address, so they are dynamic depending on what the field is for each separate contact.

Once your sender details have been filled then you move onto the Message intro. This is where you can set the Subject line and Preview text for the design. These two factors are very important for when sending an email campaign, if you need help with subject lines, you can find out more in our dedicated article.

You can also tick the ‘Use contents of HTML title tag’ this will take the name of the file you choose to upload and set the subject line to the whatever the HTML title tag is set, don’t worry this isn’t something that’s needed. The subject line can be changed up until your campaign is queued to send. Preview text is optional however we always recommend you set something that’s relevant to the subject line to help increase your open rates.

Add subject line or preview text. This is optional

Uploading your HTML

Once we have selected all these details, we get the step where you can upload your HTML file. Here, you are given two options, Upload and URL. The upload option is where you upload the entire HTML file you have including any images in this file so that e-shot can easily find them. The URL option is simply just providing the public URL to the HTML you wish to upload.

If you select the upload option, you can either click on choose a file which is in bold, or you can drag and drop the file into the box.

Import your HTML file

If you choose the URL option, you can simply just paste the URL into the box provided.

HTML has been successful

Once your HTML has been uploaded, you will see the files and images attached to the HTML on the right-hand side, you want the status to be Uploaded for all otherwise they will not be displayed in the email.

HTML upload mapping

Sometimes your file might have missing images, if this is the case they will need to be uploaded manually otherwise as stated they will not appear in your email. There will also be an option to replace images that have uploaded fine just in case your image change at a later date.

Missing image

To upload a missing image, simply click on the Upload button next to the image you are replacing. This will take you to your files, here you can select the image you wish to use.

Now you have selected the image there will be a button again on the right-hand side of the image you are replacing. If you select the wrong image, you can click this again to choose another image. Once you have selected the right image, simply click the Upload button next to the preview one and the status of the image will change from missing to uploaded.

Missing picture

Image added

When your file has been uploaded, you can click the Preview button to view your design in an email format and see if everything looks as it should. Although this optional we always recommend you preview and test your designs before it is used in a live campaign.

Final steps

Once you have completed all these steps, your HTML upload email design is ready to send and can be viewed in the Existing designs section of your account. You can go back in and make changes to both your design and details such as the Subject line and any moment until you decide to send your campaign.

Changes can be made by clicking on the Actions dropdown button next to your design and clicking on edit details.

From the actions dropdown you are also easily able to preview your design again as well as create a campaign using your chosen design.

Creating a campaign with HTML upload

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