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Feature Update: July 2022

Feature Update: July 2022

Our July release will see some important updates to e-shot that will affect customers in specific ways. Full details will be available in the release notes and in dedicated help articles for each development, but this article summarises the key changes:

New feature - Landing pages

You can now host e-shot forms and other content on landing pages built using e-shot.

Landing pages have been in use with a select number of customers for over 18 months now and we are pleased to make this feature generally available.

There are some technical pre-requisites for implementing landing pages and therefore, if you would like the feature enabled on your account, in the first instance, you should e-mail and ask for the feature to be enabled.

If you have an account with multiple sub-accounts, you will need to specify the sub-account and the domain that you wish to use to host the landing pages. The list of available domains on your account will be visible in the Deliverability Dashboard.

Landing pages are available to all customers who can meet the technical pre-requisites, however there are limits to the number of active Landing Pages each customer can have based on their version of e-shot. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

Updated feature – SMS

A new message creation flow will be available for SMS and will make it easier to author messages including new options for including dynamic content in the SMS editor.

End of Support – Legacy Drag & Drop

The Legacy Drag & Drop editor will no longer be supported from 1st August 2022. We introduced the newer Smart Editor in 2020 and now most email designs created in e-shot use this more modern editor. For those customers, who are still using Legacy Drag & Drop, we would recommend that you migrate your designs to Smart Editor. The Legacy Drag & Drop editor will continue to function in e-shot, but we will no longer develop it or support customers who encounter issues using it.

End of Service – SOAP API

For legacy customers using our SOAP API, you must transition all API calls to the REST API on or before 30th September 2022. All SOAP API credentials will be invalidated and connections to the SOAP API refused after this date.

End of Service – Email credits

For legacy customers who still buy email credits separately from their subscription, we will no longer support this function after 1st August 2022. If you would like to still buy credits or would like to discuss changing your subscription to our normal subscription model, then please contact us via or via Live Chat.

Commercial changes

  • e-shot marketing cloud is now known as e-shot ultimate

  • The number of active landing pages available in each sub-account is defined by the version of e-shot that you are subscribed to.

  • SMS features are now included in both e-shot auto and e-shot ultimate. A dedicated SMS number will be applied to your account the first time you purchase 500 or more SMS credits. SMS subscriptions are also now available starting from just £25 a month.

  • Sub-account subscriptions have been simplified and now include an additional sending domain as part of the subscription.

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